A Whole Load of Random Wisdom

The below information is presented below. If you are interested in very short, totally incomplete, unplanned and mostly unnecessary snippets of information mainly talking about physical training and the shedding of body fat, I suggest you read on. If – like many – you will find it not useful, too brief and a poor use of your leisure time, I suggest you look at a few slightly longer tips here – my more effortful HabFit blog here, or even some of our old articles right here. If you don’t want any of that, sad as it is, you might not like it here very much. Anyways – here is much wisdom:

How strong are you and how fast can you express it?

Two main considerations for any athlete.


Consider Reverse Pyramids

If you’re freshest early in your workout, you should be able to lift the most weight at the start. With Reverse Pyramids you start heavy and reduce the weight as you fatigue.


The top of Chin Up position

Is about shoulder blade retraction, not sticking your chin in the air


Commit to one habit

Own it, then add another. Permanent change is best mastered one thing at a time. Everything cannot be a priority.


If you train for 15 minutes per day..

That’s 91 hours and 15 minutes training per year. Commit to that and you can do great things, and if you do extra – that’s a bonus.


Take a break

When planning long term fat loss, if it suits your psychology, plan a regular break where you can relax a little.


Beware of YouTube

There’s a lot of good stuff on there, but a shed load of rubbish too! (Our stuff is good).


Don’t Plyo if you don’t know what your doing

With impact comes a powerful stimulus. Use it right and you’ll go faster, use it wrong and you’ll probably get hurt.


Have Recovery Workouts

where you just practice, stretch and move a little and you’ll be a better athlete.



….your neck will knacker itself out. Conscious practice will help.



On squats and lunges If you want to keep pressure of your knees.



it will help you develop yours.


Don’t count calories

At first, just eat the right stuff.


Count calories

If you’re failing to just eat the right stuff or if you are eating the right stuff and are ready/need to fine tune.


Lift with your eyes shut sometimes but your brain on

It can enhance your concentration and help you feel the magic happening.


Triple Extension

Is when the ankle, knee and hip joints all extend – this is what happens when you jump. This phrase may well pop up many times if you read much fitness.


Single or Double Leg Training?

Usually both. Single leg training is great for reducing the demands on the torso/back, Bilateral is great for lifting more total weight.


If you hate an exercise but want/need to master it:

Do it more often, do less reps, avoid fatigue and practice until it becomes automatic, then gradually build intensity.


Not everything works for everybody

Evaluate everything in your workout carefully so that you aren’t risking pain, wasting energy or hating life.


You don’t have to load everything

Strength is one of the most important qualities in fitness. But all exercises are designed for lifting maximum weights. Sometimes movement practice with bodyweight is enough.


Any exercise can be dangerous

Don’t write off exercises, just make sure you know if you can perform them correctly or if you have to spend more time learning, practicing or getting your body fixed.



There are two heads to the muscle. Each perform slightly different functions. It’s boring, but it’s part of my life.


Train to Resist Movement

Sometimes you need to be good at moving, sometimes you simply need to be strong and at not moving.


Train to decelerate

Injuries often happen because we can’t decelerate forces under control. This should be a key part of any athletes training.


Frequency for Mastery

Every time you try to learn a new exercise, be it complicated or simple, remember to train it frequently until you have the skill perfected.


The Theo Walcott Tip

There’s no point being fast if you don’t know what to do when you get there, be an athlete but learn your sport too!


Watch Athletes Move & Train

The more you see good technique, the better chance you have of copying.


Mix Static & Dynamic Strength Work for best results

Fast, slow, static, dynamic – there are many types of strength. For best gains carful use of all is best.


Need sugar?

We are not here to judge. After your workout is the best time for sugary junk. The dose makes the poison and the timing makes a difference. If you must eat sugary junk, try to do it straight after a workout.


Can’t maintain motivation longterm?

Never take more than a week off, but vary intensity & volume when your busy, tired or struggling.


Better visualisation = better motor learning

If you picture what you are trying to do in your head, it will help you learn faster. Don’t just lift, use your brain.


KB too light for swings?

Training for strength & power by swinging above stomach height? Get a heavier bell or learn to snatch instead.


Do More Speed Work

Stop chasing fatigue, start chasing performance.


Bottom Rib Sticking Out?

Rib flare no good. Ribs Down + Chest Up = Strong Neutral Position.


fastest route to 6 pack?

Focus and plan your food and train your whole body. Eat less shit, do more smart work.


Silly Person: “I don’t train my legs, I play football”.

Smart Person: “Er…football is not leg training. You still need to train your legs”.


Use your warm up productively.

Practice and mobilise specifically for skills you need during your workout.


ROI of Cardio?

If you don’t have much time to train, can you afford mindless yogging?

Is it a good return on time invested?


Learning Movement Skill?

Master a skill, then master it in various positions, at different speeds and under different loads.


No Time to Train?

(Eff off you don’t). See our “amazing” 3 minutes a day strength plan.


Need more time?

Quit whining and lift stuff.


Enthusiasm is Great

..but patience is also a must. Fitness is a long term project.


When learning one handed chin ups

If you sprain your ankle when landing, you are probably not ready for one handed chin ups!


Practice your mind muscle connection.

The more skilled you are at creating tension in the right muscles, the better control you will have when liftin. This stuff matters.


Read Starting Strength

…by Mark Ripptoe. Whatever edition, this a great detailed introduction to proper lifting.


Posture is Habitual

Simply stretching tight stuff won’t save you.


Not a sheep?

You don’t have to be authodox in your training methods, but you have to know which training rules you can break so you don’t break your body. Get educated then train your own way.


The Serratus Anterior

Helps ‘pin’ the shoulder blade to the ribs. You need to keep it strong and healthy for strong and healthy shoulder function.


Put your weights away after use.

You will have better Karma and less trouble finding them in the future.


Motor Moron?

Too bad. – Even more need to practice, focus & keep it simple. Leave the gym ballerina activities to those who need it. Stay safe – get More-Athletic.


Practice Everything. Train Something.

You can’t push hard on everything all the time, doesn’t mean you can’t practice good tekkas in your warm ups though.


Dodgy Shoulders?

Incorporate unilateral shoulder blade stabilisation exercises. They can allow more freedom and more realistic challenge when doing rehab type drills.


Lower back dominant. hamstrings always tight?

Glutes glutes. Glutes. Glutes, glutes….glutes. (Just a thought.)


When Experimenting with your routine..

Only change one thing a a time. It’s Science..


KB Swings are GREAT for speed endurance.

Modestly weighted KB Swings performed explosively for high reps an be great for athletes who want their speed to last longer.



The Rhomboids actually help to elevate the Scapula, so we need to train this movement to aid Rhomboid recruitment. Not always shoulder blades back down and together.


“Mindless lifting is for losers” – Pavel Tsatsouline

When liftin’, You need to focus on technique, tension, breathing and body control.


Theory is just theory.

Application that suits the individual always beats the ideal programme on paper.


Always use chalk.

So you can hold onto stuff better.


Everybody should probably work the Rotator Cuff.

It keeps the arm in place. Quite useful!


You need neutral neck.

This is where your head is safe, your shoulders are strong and your body functions best.


Go Deep

A general rule of thumb – the bigger the range of motion, the stronger the muscle contraction will be. Usually, this means full range of motion will do you more good. Not always, but usually.


If your muscle is tight..

..It’s tight for a reason. Stretching it may or may not help, but it won’t fix the reason!


Proper Fitness

Train. Eat. Recover. Repeat.


Full Range Chin Ups

At the bottom of a chin up, push yourself away from the bar and drive your elbows out to increase torque.


You do too much “shit”

A fun quote from body composition expert Martin Berkhan. Doing too much – not very well is the downfall of most gym folk. Just get strong at a few things and eat well for a better physique.


Perfect your plank.

The safety and success of every exercise hinges on being able to hold a solid position. The plank is the starting point. Give it the respect it craves.


Everybody has a body. Everybody needs fitness.

It’s better to be More-Athletic. Bore people with your fitness heroics, you might just inspire them to get More-Athletic themselves.


Plan Ahead!

We are on a mission to bring you the most boring bits of random wisdom known to man! Here’s one – if you plan ahead – you are more likely to eat good stuff! Boring but true. Do you want entertainment or do you want results?


Diet Paralysis by Over-analysis?

Don’t get caught up – eat only fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, meat & fish as a rule, then fine tune your approach once you have set basic ‘clean eating’ habits.


Should you Squat & Deadlift heavy???

Only if you move well. They are difficult to beat if you move well, if you don’t, they are difficult to do safely. If you can’t do them right, pain is inevitable and better tools exist.


Reasonable Rate of Fat Loss?

1-1.5 lbs of fat per week. Measure your body composition and food intake, if its not working – make a change and re test. If you don’t track things you won’t be in control.


Eggscelent research.

A large free range egg has apx 8 grams of protein.

3 large free range eggs have about 24 grams of protein.

Google and simple mathematics were used to bring you this knowledge.



Cake is not particularly helpful for fat loss. But it tastes good. If you’re smart, you can eat your cake and have a six pack too. But you gotta be smart. (or genetically gifted).


Want Muscle?

More Volume in the right range = more muscle in the right places.

Very General rule: train to get stronger in the 6-10 rep range.


Create Tension.

More external resistance = more tension in the muscle.

More tension in the muscle = more stimulus for growth. Flexing your Biceps & Butt Clenches aren’t gonna get the job done, you need to lift heavy stuff!


What is Progressive Resistance Training?

Could be weights, could be bodyweight, could be bands. It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you challenge your muscles with a progressive external resistance.


The Lats.

The Latissimus Dorsi muscles are the only muscular attachment from the spine to the arm. They are muy importante. Make em strong – good for spine. Good for performance – good for impressing the ladies & good for much more too.


Sweet Potato.

100 grams of sweet potato contains about 20grams of carbohydrate.

A decent source if you need carbs.


Context is Everything – Part I

Whenever you read fitness advice, on this site or any other, please remember that context is everything – take the advice with a pinch of salt – we are all different.


Context is Everything – Part II

Injuries, skill levels, motivations, lazinessess, levers, environment and genetics all affect what is the ideal training for you.


Add liquid.

Can’t eat enough food? Experiment with almond milk, coconut milk and smoothies to pack in the liquid calories post workout.


Whats the best exercise to tone my abs?

Don’t ever ask this. EAT PROPER, train your WHOLE body, and don’t be a fool.



Bodyweight in lbs x 14-16. (guidance from Lyle McDonald.)

So a 11 stone male – 2310 calories per day.

A 7 stone blonde lady – 1,372


Need Bulk?

Unless you’re very big and fat aim for 1.5 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight per day. That’s about 3.3G a KG of bodyweight.

For an 11 stone 70kg male beast that’s apx 184 grams of protein per day. (Guidance taken from Lyle McDonald)


Eat Ostrich Meat

If you want to cut calories but needs you some red meat, get some ostrich meat inside you. It’s good.


More-Athletic Magazine…

Is here to remind you about what’s important, like a parent but for fitness.


Train the Transverse Plane

If you want rotational power, train the muscles that help you rotate. Fitness is simple.


Fitness is simple

But complicated. We always try to remember this.


Get Stronger to Get Bigger

If you train to get twice as strong as you are now, your muscles will most likely grow to adapt. Chasing muscle pump and tone is less important than getting strong.


Muscles can only pull, not push.

Hence it’s easy to work out which muscles move you in which ways by following the alignment of your muscle fibres.


Do not blindly follow.

Just because someone looks great, doesn’t mean there program will work for you. Learn the ropes, use some logic & common sense – don’t blindly follow the genetically gifted.


Reduce Spinal Loading

If you’re worried about your back and neck but still want strong legs, focus on building severe unilateral strength.



Your best friend and your worst enemy in the gym. Use your ego to drive you on but not at the expense of your exercise technique. The real athlete trains hard, lifts heavy but uses his brain to avoid injury.


Aim for 20 Chin Ups

Make it a long term goal to hit 20 neat chin ups. Not many can do this neatly, but it’s a simple goal to focus on that for most will cause huge physique improvement.


Consistency. Intensity. Overload.

Fitness needs consistency, intensity and overload. Whatever the program, if any of these are lacking you won’t be making much progress. Train regularly. Train hard and with heavy weights. Ask your body to do more than it’s used to.


Protect your shoulders

The shoulder joint is the most flexible in the human body and frequently injured due to poor training methods. Learn to train effectively with as little risk to your shoulders as possible.


Calories in a Chicken Breast

100g of chicken breast contains about 27 grams of protein and 171 calories.


Strength and Movement Quality

These are the 2 pillars of physical fitness. Concentrate on these and all else will follow on nicely.


Be a Robot

When training:


If it looks ugly, it is ugly.

If it looks athletic, it is athletic.

If your form looks a mess, work on it before going heavy!


Have a Long Neck

Concentrating on having a long neck during your training can be a useful mental cue for stopping you from slipping into forward head posture.


Count your Reps!

If you don’t count your repetitions when lifting weight, you won’t know how many you’ve done.


Time is not your problem.

It’s not about time, it’s about impact. Move your ass, lift some iron, get on with your day.


No Train. No gain.

Think about it.


Do Chin Ups

They will make your guns grow.


Carbohydrates are NOT evil..

..but you probably eat too many too often. Get over it and retrain your habits.


Human Anatomy

The vast majority of humans have 2 arms.


Making Change Happen

Change 1 thing at a time to make change easier. Once that change becomes automatic, move onto the next. Use this method if you failed your last fitness kick.


Protein Digestion

It takes more energy to digest protein than carbohydrates or fat. Each gram of protein gives you a net gain of 3.7 calories.



Intermittent Fasting helps you lose weight because not eating means you take in less calories than eating. It also has hormonal benefits. But beware you might get hungry.


Get Mental

Develop psychological skills so you can kick your own ass, build habits and excite yourself when the occasion requires.


Joint Centration = Less Wear And Tear

Good technique keeps your joints in a good position. It means more work, less risk of injury.


Learn Some Anatomy

It will help you develop yours.


Your Body Is Your Gym

When starting fitness, learn a number of bodyweight exercises immediately so that you can train anywhere. Consistency matters.


I Like To Watch

Spend 10 minutes watching great athletes training before you start your workout. See how it effects your motivation.


3 Large Eggs

Has about 220 calories (18 gram protein).
Good for breakfast with some spinach.


Headstands are easier than handstands

But good for learning the body control while being the wrong way up.


Train abs with purpose

Some people love training abs. Good for them. If that’s not you, find something impressive that you need abs for. Train for that.



You can follow a systematic approach to training but still have plenty of novelty in your routine. Especially if you try hard and keep getting better at stuff.


Psychology Games

Picture your best ever performance before you take on your next set. Perfect form, total focus, great technique, feel yourself oozing with energy, the right muscles working and the reps flying out one after the other. See if it helps you train well. It probably will.