Actually it’s only a little about Tom, but here goes anyway.

Tom is a personal trainer

He has been one for 10 years now. Before that, there was a Sports and Exercise Degree where he really had time to master the intricacies of Poker.

So, he’s either got 10 years of practical experience or he’s got the same year 10 times, as they say.

Which is it? The latter he likes to think: you might be able to tell, he’s a thoughtful fellow – there’s been thousands of hours reading, learning, thinking and testing fitness stuff. Each year builds on the last, techniques are tweaked and refined and new things emerged from the industries many experts that need considering and testing.

So reading this & coming to The Strength Sessions, you’re not reading some couch-coach’s musings, this is someone who trains people everyday – and if it didn’t work, these folks wouldn’t come back.

This is not the stuff of some natural athlete either, but of one who has built his naturally pathetic skinny frame into something slightly less pathetic. He is not someone who trains athletes all day long, but someone who trains real people – office workers who need to shift fat and move better, skinny guys who want to get more muscle, ladies who want to get strong and lean – and ‘really toned without bulking up’ as they stress.

So that what Tom is all about. Providing high quality coaching, while steering clear of the fads, myths, gimmicks, lies and fake-over-professionalism that dogs the fitness industry. All while having a fairly nice time.

Tom lives in London, which is in England

He works in Piccadilly, both doing one-to-one training and running The Strength Sessions. He resides in Covent Garden in a flat where one is not burdened with such silly things as different rooms or stairs or any nonsense like that.

Tom is quite good at some stuff, much worse at other stuff

He is fairly strong but certainly not elite. He’s decent at hanging from lampposts..


but not so good at summersaults..

He holds a nice handstand, but has a little way to go before he can do it with one-hand. He’s not too bad on the Gymnastic Rings either, holds a decent Back Lever, but needs to work on his dismount…

OK, enough of that nonsense for now.

Tom is writing this in the third person, but he has no idea why

It just kind of started like that really – then I (then ‘he’) just sort of kept going. Hope that’s not too weird.

Tom has a strong selfie game

as evidenced by the montage below.

Selfie montage

Tom thinks you should buy “The Unbelievable Intro Deal”

if you like it, you’ll keep coming, if you can’t afford to keep coming you’ll learn a lot from the intro pack anyway, and if you hate it then you’ll get your money back. Nothing to lose. Buy it here. Read all about The Strength Sessions here.