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Use Strength Sessions


From DABBLER to WARRIOR – The Strength Sessions will give you drive, focus and commitment.

From CARDIO-CLOCK-WATCHER to FOCUSED ‘MOVEMENT PRACTICER’ – with The Strength Sessions it’s never a mindless slog, it’s about mastering a skill, generating an effect and then moving on.

From AVOIDER OF HARD STUFF to DOMINATOR of EFFECTIVE METHODS – you’ll get hooked on our methods of getting more results from fewer exercises while embracing the hard stuff you need to do!

From TIMID FEMALE GYM GOER to FIERCE, CONFIDENT, SKINNY. BODYWEIGHT STRENGTH TRAINEE – want an amazing bikini body? —> Drop a few calories & train to get seriously strong – don’t mess around and train half-heartedly. The Strength Sessions will take you there.

From FAMILIARITY JUNKY to FIEND FOR STUFF THAT WORKS – It’s too easy to get stuck in a rut: the same cardio, the same weights, the same tired old routines. Come to The Strength Sessions, learn new stuff each month and systematically progress your training.

From FLABBY to RIPPED – consistent smart action will transform your body. The Strength Sessions will give you the tools to get ripped.

From SCRAWNY to BRAWNY – as the famous book is titled, and my specialty. Skinny? Want muscle? I’ve been there. What do you need to do? Get strong. Really strong.



GET STRONG – everybody needs strength. These sessions are about getting you stronger than ever before, and feeling pretty good about it.

GET MUSCLE combining our out-and-out strength moves with muscle pump focused moves will get you packing on serious muscle and strength as quickly as possible. The Strength Sessions will teach you to make this happen.

SHIFT FAT following a strength routine and eating smart is the most efficient way of shifting fat and looking better.

GET SHREDDED If you’re strong enough and lean enough, you will get shredded. Base, your training around what you learn in The Strength Sessions and it will be within reach.

GET AN AMAZING BIKINI BODY- you need to train with such efficiency that you can re-shape your body without wasting hours on cardio or blunt methods. Get strong and eat to get lean. That’s how it’s done.

Effective Methods


Whatever your ability, if you want to learn stuff like this, you’ll love The Strength Sessions:

Do you want to master some of the huge array of Callisthenic exercises?

Want to learn Gymnastics strength-skills?

Want to learn how to train hard anywhere? – even if you have no equipment?

Need to learn how to take your strength to the next level?

Want to learn how to go from 3 push ups to 20?

Want to learn progressions towards mastering the Single Arm Push-Up?

Want to learn how to train your abs to get really strong – rather than force yourself through endless repetitions of crunches?

Want to learn how to train your legs HARD without a heavy barbell on your back and without performing hundreds of Lunges per workout?

Want to learn how to get your first Chin-Up, or go from a messy 5 to a perfect 15?

Want to learn the progressions towards a Handstand? – And how to use them to get great shoulders and arms?

Come to The Strength Sessions over time and you’ll learn all of this and more.

Real Technique


My goal with The Strength Sessions, is to build to over 100 regulars clients, and take all of them from a state of inconsistency, lack of know-how and technique, and build it into a whole community of people who train effectively and efficiency. A community of people who get better and better results month-after-month, who enjoy learning new stuff every month, and who enjoy watching their bodies improve month-after-month.

So, At The Strength Sessions, we ask you to come on a set-up that will get you results, or we ask you not to come at all.

This is why it works! 

If you’re not right for The Strength Sessions, we ask you not to sign up. If you do, and you’re not right, I’ll break the bad news and refund you the cost of your trial pack immediately. You see, I’ve been doing this a long time, I know what it takes…


THEY HAVE AWFUL TECHNIQUE – a walk trough your typical commercial gym is a horror-show for the educated-eye. So many people, wasting so much energy on terrible technique. But if only they realised they could do so much better with half the grunt work if they just got some decent coaching.

THEY LACK FREQUENCY AND CONSISTENCY – If you don’t find a way of consistently training frequently, you won’t get results. Commit to regularly coming to The Strength Sessions and doing your practice between sessions and you’ll no longer be stopping and starting all the time.

THEY FAIL TO LIMIT THEIR FOCUS – if you try and do everything, you probably won’t do anything well. One of the key things you’ll learn in strength, is that it’s easier to maintain strength and muscle than it is to build it. That’s why, in The Strength Sessions, we focus on a few key things each month, get really good at them, and then we evolve and turn our focus to something else. This way, you get really good at something, then maintain it the next month while you attack something else with laser-like focus.

THEY DON’T HAVE THE ACCOUNTABILITY THEY NEED – depending on your personality type, you might need someone to be accountable to. Someone who keeps track for you. With The Strength Sessions, you’re no longer on your own. You’re accountable to me and the rest of the community.

THEY HAVE THE WRONG MINDSET – training isn’t a six-week fling. It’s an ongoing sort of thing. Most people get poor results because they start stuff they can’t stick to. The Strength Sessions are based around shorter workouts with habit based homework – making it far easier to stick to than many plans.

THEY MAKE POOR PLANS – following the wrong workouts, trying to stuff you’ve never had coaching in, following workouts designed by experienced body-builders when you’re not one – all classic mistakes. A key reason behind most people’s failure.

THEY GO IT ALONE – who do you turn to with questions? Who’s going through what you’re going through? Who is checking your form? Who can you ask advice from? If you can’t answer those questions, your chances of success are greatly diminished.

In The Strength Sessions, we fix this to get you results:

WE ARE ALL ABOUT TECHNIQUE – because without it, you’re wasting your energy. As the sessions will have a maximum of 2 participants, you will have a lot of hands-on coaching. There is no ‘let’s just get through it’. We are going to focus on developing real strength with perfect technique – teaching what to do, why and how…anyone can make you tired, but The Strength Sessions are here to make you better.

WE KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE – if you don’t come and if you don’t practice, you will be out! We keep you accountable to yourself and the other Strength Sessions Punters.

WE USE SMARTER, FOCUSED, SYSTEMISED TRAINING – We use an adjustable monthly template, each month it’s planned to build on the skills you were working on the previous month.

WE USE HABIT-FORMING HOMEWORK – there will be a choice of programmes for you to do as ‘homework’ between sessions – this will vary depending on your goals, your level and how frequently you come. Much of this is based on the habit of doing frequent short but effective training sessions, and it’s planned around making it easy to form these habits.

WE USE PERSONALISED ROUTINES AND CUSTOMISED DRILLS – our monthly template is simply that – a template. A main focus for the month. But nothing cookie-cutter in training will work for most people. With The Strength Sessions, everything is adaptable to you – the technique drills, the sets, the reps, the grip, the stance, the duration, the focus, the coaching cues. This is how we ensure that YOU get the very best stimulus from every set you do.



Every month, we have a programme template. A focus. A handful of key skills to prioritise.

But that template adapts to you:

Your strength level,
your schedule,
your goals.

Guys who want to bulk – get a bodybuilding twist.

Girls who want to be skinny – get the fat shredding focus.

Beginners – get broken down progressions that they can master fast

More experienced trainees – get more challenging progressions and homework

Each month builds on the last. The focus changes, the progressions, the technique drills, but it’s all part of a master plan to get you strong, lean and athletic.

One month may focus more on hanging and Chin-Up drills, the next more on legs, the next may focus more on introducing you to the benefits of hand-balancing or gymnastic straight-arm strength.

But none of these elements are done randomly and then forgotten. Each forms part of the overall plan. If we are focusing on one thing this month, other key movements are still trained – just with less volume. This is how to get seriously strong over the long-term using minimalist routines.

The more often you come, the more you’ll benefit from following a consistent strength programme and the more I’ll be able to tailor it to you.

O, and don’t worry, because I’m a massive Gymnastics-strength fan, at The Strength Sessions: every month is Abs month.

Every month, you are to come to The Strength Sessions as frequently as you can, and then there will be supplemental workouts online for you to practice between sessions. With full instructions as to how you should vary it depending on your goals, experience and schedule.

As the programme builds, as you train harder, smarter and with more attention to detail than ever before, your body is going to adapt.

The better you train, the better you are going to want to eat, and it is that combination that will get you your best ever physique.

Got questions? That’s fine. As a member you can email any time for help with habits, technique and anything else you need to get results.

What we do


To quickly take stock of the situation, how often you’ve been training, how you’re feeling today.

Then we WARM-UP
With mobility, activation and skill drills that get you ready for the specific things we are about to work on.

Then we RAMP-UP
By going through a few drills to wake you up and stimulate your nervous system – so that when we do our work sets, we can work to our highest level.

Then we WORK
And hard.

30 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but it’s not about the time – it’s about the IMPACT.

If you train with the intensity and level of detail we insist on, and do it regularly – your body will adapt.

In 30 minutes, we will zero in on a few key strength moves – working on different progressions and regressions and making sure we stimulate adaptation.

You will leave knowing you have worked hard and with some suggested skills to practice before next time!



I designed The Strength Sessions to be more accessible than personal training:

–>Less time.

–>Less money. 

–>More flexible booking.

BUT, still giving you focused coaching on every set you do in the sessions.

These are not drop-in sessions; this is a system of training. Can you imagine yourself on one of these schedules?:

Twice per month: you come to The Strength Sessions twice per month. You take what you’ve learn and practice two or three times per week in the gym, or follow the mini-supplemental workouts five days per week at home.

Once per week: the most popular set-up. You commit to coming to The Strength Sessions once per week, the you follow the homework set out twice more per week or in daily mini workouts.

Two or Three times per week: for those who want more coaching and less practice on their own. You come to The Strength Sessions two or three times per week, then practice just a little between sessions.

*we do not reduce prices for the higher commitments. Seems backwards to me. The commitment is designed, so you know you have to come! – You do get some perks, though. Like favourable booking, and better results.


SO, IF YOU’RE STILL HERE, If you’re still reading, this should be you:

YOU WANT A BETTER BODY: you’re frustrated with a lack of progress, lack of direction, lack of belief – it’s time to do something about it. You want the fat off, you want the Abs visible, you want muscle growth, or you want a better bikini body.

YOU WANT THE POWER OF EXPERIENCE, SCIENCE, FOCUS AND CONSISTENCY ON YOUR SIDE– you’re not going to fall for dodgy marketing, fads and nonsense training systems.

YOU WANT HIGH QUALITY COACHING – you understand that quality matters and you’re prepared to focus on technique and strength.

YOU ARE OPEN TO MEETING NEW PEOPLE – The Strength Sessions have two or three clients per slot. This allows me to foster a sense of community while still keeping training very personalised. Mainly though, I want to keep costs down while earning enough money to feed my daughter and buy the odd steak, all while allowing as much booking flexibility as possible.

YOU WANT SOMETHING SIMILAR, BUT MORE ACCESSIBLE THAN PERSONAL TRAINING – less time, more available slots, lower cost per session – if you’ve been umming and ahhing about regular personal training, this could be perfect for you.

YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO TRAIN ANYWHERE – not just with a coach. The idea is that you come and learn real technique. Because we only work on a small handful of things at any one time, you should have time to really master technique, and practice stuff on your own as well as in the sessions. This way, what you learn in The Strength Sessions should set you up for a lifetime of good training.

YOU DON’T WANT TO BE FRUSTRATED WITH YOURSELF OR YOUR BODY – just book and turn up, we’ll take care of the rest from there.

YOU NEED ACCOUNTABILITY – need someone else invested in your success? A lot of people do. I practice a lot more reliably when I’m answerable to a coach. Would you?

YOU WANT MORE FROM LESS – busy? Tired? Gym the last thing you feel like doing some nights? You better learn how to get maximum effect from minimum training. That’s not a gimmick, that’s just learning how to pick the right exercises, train them with perfect form and apply progressive overload. Consistently doing the right stuff; not lots of stuff. That’s what it takes.

YOU NEED KNOW-HOW – Love training? Don’t really know what you’re doing? Perfect – come twice per month and practice a lot between sessions!

YOU’LL APPRECIATE THE GROUP – Initially, classes are only two participants max. I may increase this to 3, down the line, but there is still a community spirit involved. You’ll know that the monthly template is torturing a whole group of people at once. You are not alone with this.

YOU’RE READY TO GET SERIOUS – that means in attitude. Please don’t misunderstand, this is not in terms of ability. This is in terms of attitude and desire to improve. I don’t care if you’ve never done a push up or a lunge in your life, I just want people who want to have some fun, get better, learn and practice for many months to come, and people who want to learn this to get their best ever physiques.


The Strength Sessions are held in The Health Club at Le Meridien Piccadilly.


This is not your average gym. To be honest, I hate most gyms. Odd for a trainer perhaps, but with “mindless” crowds pounding treadmills, floor space wasted by hoards of machines and hundreds of people doing the wrong thing and doing it incorrectly – that’s not where I like to spend my time.

This place is special. It’s a quiet gym, way better than you’ll find in most hotels, but without the crowds and unnecessary equipment you’ll find in most commercial gyms. All while providing a bit of life.

Note that it is a quiet gym, but is not a private studio.

Here, look…

Gym double

Nice huh?

For a long time, it has been the preserve of one-to-one training, so I’m breaking the mold slightly with The Strength Sessions. I ask that all members bare that in mind and join me in my efforts to keep it a nice quiet, focused training environment.


We run part by timetable, part by request.

You can easily book online through the app, or you can arrange a regular slot or two directly through me.

Here is the timetable:

The red slots are fixed, available every week.

The grey slots are not available every week, but are available at least half the time. We set the timetable on the weekend for the upcoming week.

Off peak slots that aren’t on the timetable are available on request.

Timetable 5

The Strength Sessions run every week, unless I am on holiday, which, believe me, is all too rare.

I suspect that most people will be able to come to The Strength Sessions without too many difficulties booking.

If you are on the fence, aren’t sure about scheduling, please be safe in the knowledge that I will happily refund your fee if you have emailed me a few times about booking issues and I cannot accommodate you often enough.

Your purchase is risk free – see the guarantee below.


Why only 30-minutes sessions, is that enough?
Yes. If you want a great body, you need to get away from the ‘calorie-burn’ mentality. Strength, habits and quality work, that’s what we are all about. Follow my set-ups, eat better and your body will change.

Do I have to be fit to start?
No. This is a very unintimidating environment, and there’s no pre-requisites or standard. This is how you get fit. All abilities welcome. We will take you from scratch, to strong and ripped.

What’s the age range?
I think you need to be over 18. I won’t accept anyone over the age of 132. But anything in the middle is fair game.

Do I need an induction? Nah! – when you buy your first sessions, I’ll send you a quick questionnaire including a mini health screening etc. From then, everything we do has assessments as we go along. We ease you in gently, and then ramp up the intensity once you’re ready and we know what your level is.

Does it go well with Yoga or Pilates?
Yes. Very much so.

Does it go well with spinning?
Yes. Very much so.

How often can I come?
Up to three times per week. If you want more, there are supplementary workouts you can do around the sessions, plus I can suggest a little Cardio. Note – Cardio is the most overused and misused type of training there is, but it certainly has a place if done correctly and for the correct reasons.

I don’t have a partner to come with/ who will I train with?
I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood dear friend. It’s not on you to train with a friend (although you can if you book in together). These are classes to be booked online. You share the slot with whoever else books in. This has a few benefits to you, the client:

1) more flexible booking – there are only so many slots in the day after all.

2) meet different folks – nice right?

3) learn training – the more people you see doing certain exercises, the deeper your understanding, and this matters!

Good, yea? Don’t be shy. You’ll be working too hard to over-indulge in small talk anyway.

I cannot work the internet.
I’m afraid you are going to find it too hard to book in then. Good luck getting through the day.

Do I need to be a gym member?
No. Entry to the hotel gym for The Strength Sessions is of course included in your class fee. Then you can use your own gym, or train at home with no equipment for your supplementary workouts.

Can I train on my own?

Not like this, but you might want to try Personal Training. Please feel free to email me about it, I may or may not be able to take you on, but I have friends I could suggest working with if I can’t take you on myself.


A single visit to The Strength Sessions will cost you precisely £38.

This is about half the price of my personal training sessions, which seems to hit the sweet-spot that makes it more accessible than personal training, but still keeping the classes a very personalised and premium service.

However, there’s no real point just buying one is there?

So, we have 3 levels of membership. I suggest you take a trial session “on-the-house”, then discuss with me what is right for you. We do not reduce the rate for bulk purchase, but favourable booking, customised routines and extra habit coaching is provided for our most frequent punters.

Press here to purchase sessions, but please only do so once you have spoken to me about suitability and how to get the most out of it.

The (not so) fine print:
– you need 24 hours notice to cancel a session or you get charged. Sorry. That’s the only way these things can work.
– there is 12 months expiry date on all sessions purchased.
– you must only claim money back due to scheduling difficulties if you’ve contacted me about difficulties with booking beforehand
– you can’t use the gym and pool I’m afraid, your fee only covers entry to see me (that should be treat enough mind).