We provide small group training sessions (and pain!) in the heart of Piccadilly.

We are blurring the lines between personal training and group fitness, offering a range of classes (or sessions, if you will) all meticulously designed to tone, sculpt and shape better looking and More-Athletic physiques. Class design is based on scientific principles and years of practical hands-on experience.

Everybody is welcome. Come, train hard, meet some nice people and have a splendid time while sculpting a better looking More-Athletic Body in our quiet, friendly and supportive environment.


All our classes are designed to be effective, affordable and maintainable.

Each class takes place in the lovely, quiet gym in Le Meridien Piccadilly and have a maximum of three participants, so they’ll be no hiding at the back!…(unless you’re really good at hiding). This way, we can ensure that every rep you perform is done well, under full scrutiny of a coach, and there’s no bad technique or wasted effort. Every workout starts with our training template, but then adapts to suit you–your body, your goals and your ability level.

All classes are 30-minutes long and designed to be done stand-alone or back-to-back. You only need to take one class at a time, but we train loads of folk who really enjoy their training (yea, you read that right) and like to do more in each gym session, so we find this the best way to cater for everyone.

All classes run on a rotational 4-month template. We don’t dabble and chuck random stuff at you… we train you. Intelligently, personally and systematically. It will feel like a combination between a personal training session, a supportive group fitness class and a structured progressive athletic programme.


We are into body-shaping, fat stripping, muscle toning and of course: movement…for the joy mastering new moves, getting stronger and feeling good about yourself. Our classes are designed to systematically help you get the body you want.

For Girls: We focus on toning and sculpting amazing bikini bodies. Our programmes are tweaked to hit all the right areas, flattening stomachs, shaping glutes and thighs, developing long lean muscles and skinny-athletic physiques.

For Boys: We have the same athletic foundation, but we layer on specific muscle building extras to develop stonger more-developed arms, bigger shoulders, ripped abs and strong, athletic legs.


We get used a lot (people love us), but we can squeeze you in. First, take the one-off test drive for £5 (to see if you like it), then buy a bunch of sessions, come consistently and do what you’re told! Consult with us to make sure you’re training, not just dabbling and trying to ‘burn calories’, the most common error of fitness class lovers out there. We will advise you on the best classes to take and what you need to practice in order to get the body you want.


The Strength Sessions: it ain’t just a gym class. It’s a challenge to master and an online programme too!

Everything we do is being written up and organised into a highly effective four-month strength training programme that you can follow at home or in the gym by yourself.

With The Strength Sessions programme, you can get a better body from as little as 20 minutes a day.  It’s a gimmick free, highly effective, systematic programme. Follow it, eat right and you’ll get a leaner stronger body fast.

More on this here.