Re-Designing your body by re-designing your habits.


If you want to change your body, for good, let’s hype it up a bit! You’re not just training a bit, or starting to work out. That’s boring. If you want more muscle, ripped abs, if you want a lean toned body, let’s give it some importance. You are re-creating your body. Reinventing your physical self. Choosing your bodies shape. Starting a new craft. Committing to a lifelong practice.

It’s a big bloody deal. So let’s treat it that way.


Probably right? That’s why you’re here. Unless you’re my mum. Mum, I know I can’t spell, just send me the corrections and I’ll change it later.

This article is your wake up call. You can have a better body. But, you need to change your mindset, your actions and then you can change your results.

Let’s make a fresh start…

From this point on, I want you to separate yourself from what you’ve done in the past and embrace a simple concept:

You’re body will adapt according to the stimulus you give it.

There’s nothing that can stop you eating well and there should be no reason you can’t train regularly. Even if you only do the minimum as I discuss in this article. You can still create change.

With research and practice, you can get better month in month out for years to come. That’s what makes training fun, and that’s what will make your body change.

You need to be committed to both training, and learning how to train well. You need to be mindful, consistent and focused. If you do that, there’s no stopping you.


Asking the right questions is often the key to unlocking the right strategy for you:

Why haven’t you been successful in the past?
– this might help you figure out what not to do this time. Have you tried too much? Did you know what you’re doing? Did you fail to plan fail safes into your routine? Did you get injured and quit rather than redirect your focus? Did you get impatient and give up? Figure it out. Let’s avoid previous pitfalls.

Do you want toned abs? More muscle? Less fat?
– if that’s what you want, there are smart ways to go about it and less smart ways to go about it. Make sure you know what they are! Place your effort in the right place.

Where do you get your fitness information and what are their motives?
– was it the gym that needed to sell memberships? Was it the media that need to sell stories? Have you ever taken time to think about what you want from your body? Where you can get the info you need? What you need to learn in order to make things easier for you?

Can you commit to a real maintainable plan?
– Of course you can. If it matters to you, I’m sure you can commit to a few minutes per day. If you can do that, you’ve got room for a fresh start.

Can you commit to 15 minutes per day to get started?
– you probably can can’t you? You don’t now because you’ve been led to believe that’s not enough. More would be lovely sure, but 15 minutes every day gives you a hell of a start.

If you trained smarter, and more consistently, what could you achieve?
– you don’t know this, but asking yourself is fun. Thinking about it can drive you on. Imagine you trained every day for 10 years. You do a range of stuff. That would be cool right?

Does it matter to you?
-Usually it does. But getting a clear path, a maintainable path that stands up to the tests of our every day lives, that’s the challenge.

How can your training fit your personality?
– if your training clashes with the image you have of yourself, you’ve got a problem unless you have an iron will. How can you see your training matching your self image?

How can you keep yourself motivated over time?
– really think about this one. It’s not as simple as you think or you’d be in grand shape already.

How can you plan fail safes into your training so that you are flexible, adaptable and not dependent on any thing, anyone or any place?
– this is important. Things go wrong. How can we protect ourselves from unpredictability?

How can you make training a pleasure?
– that’s right. People enjoy this stuff! You need to figure out how.


While it’s nice to write these Lycra clad gym war lords of as genetic freaks, weirdos and assholes, let’s not judge right now. Let’s just try and find some inspiration..

There are stories all over the place of people who succeed in their training. They are in the minority because most people fail, take the wrong approach and place their efforts on unmaintainable quests.

But the success stories and methods are everywhere. They are varied, they are both simple and complex, there are gradual stories of change and there are dramatic transformations…there are many ways to do this stuff. Sometimes people just change their food, sometimes they find a new way of training and sometimes they just get serious after many years of dabbling.

When you decide to make a fresh start, seek a few stories out for inspiration. Remember, these people are no different from you. They just decide that this is important and find a way to be consistent.

You can be successful too.

To re-shape your body, you need to eat the right amount of food, and you need to train consistently. Do that, and you will indeed be successful at this stuff too.

If I were you, I’d look at your time, your track record and your willpower and dedication. The less good your track record, the less you start with. Once you’re moving, it’s easy to increase. Getting moving is the hard bit.


In 15 minutes you could do any of these:

– do 30 chin us & 30 skater squats
– do 7 minutes of push ups and 7 minutes of plank
– hit 4 sets of goblet squats & 4 sets of walking lunges
– perform any other combo of two compound strength moves
– learn a new exercise or two

Do any of that every day and it will add up. I’m telling you, if you do this – your body will adapt.

More stuff is a nice to do. Not a need to do. Failure to understand this costs so many people so many years of productive training. Compound strength training is powerful. Body fat levels are controlled by food. Time shouldn’t be your problem.

The person who does 15 minutes training per day, focused, mindful, intelligent, progressive training will be world ahead of the person who does nothing and the person who sometimes trains for an hour a day, but lacks method, consistency and execution.


This is what I suggest. Over and over again. One day someone will listen! If you think you should be doing more, prove it by being consistent at this first:

Pick something you can guarantee you can commit to. If you haven’t had a full year of consistent focused strength training, I suggest you start as a committed minimalist. With just 2 exercises to prioritise.

When I committed to 3 sets of chin ups and 3 sets of front squats 5 days per week, I got results for the first time in years.

Because I applied consistent progressive overload. Because I asked my body to do more and more.

It may have been beneficial to do more stuff. But I was committed to doing that for a year, and doing it well. It didn’t take much time, but it worked. I got stronger & my muscles grew.

What can you commit to?


You can do a lot of good work in 12 weeks, you can even make a difference in 6. But, life is (hopefully) going to be a lot longer than that – so let’s stop messing around and let’s plan a bit more.

When you decide to make a fresh start – forget the possibility that you might not stick with it. Assume you will be doing this for 10 years.

Imagine what you could achieve:

10 years of consistent chin up & hanging work
10 years of push ups, moving to a harder progression every time you hit 10 reps
10 years of yoga
10 years of handstand practice

However bad you are now, you can achieve a lot if you take a longterm approach. You are going to get a lot better, and that will cause your body to change.


Apparently, 1 lb of fat is quite a lot. Size wise. About the size of a bag of sugar (there’s a subtle point in my analogy). Imagine 20 of them, but blubbery. You don’t want that on your body. If you change your ways, your body will change shape.

You can lose this fat: plan well, test things and find a way that suits you.


You will be healthier. You will look better. You will enjoy training more.

Spending time training with a positive mindset is the key to success. We don’t go to the gym to burn calories so we can lose fat. That’s a dead end. A negative mindset not conducive to longterm healthy movement habits.

We go to the gym to gain. To build strength. To build muscle. To master new skills, new moves and improve our abilities. That’s a craft, a hobby, a practice.

Of course we want to look good, and you will. Eating better will help you strip fat. Training well will help you get toned or muscular.


Here’s a little theory I have. Your failures of physique are not personal character issues. No. They are a reflection of how easy it is to eat badly, to be sedentary and to get out of shape. It’s also a reflection of how poorly we understand and think about training as a society.

With traditional mainstream routes, odds of success are against you. Even if you are into your training. The odds of you being influenced by marketing and fads are higher than the odds of you taking a calculated look at what you want and what’s the best way to get it. That’s just how it is.

Your failures in the past, are a failure of method. Poor strategy. Poor choices. Not of character.

You can start again – a fresh start, you can reshape your body if you do things differently.

Let’s get you there..

I suggest you set out simultaneously to:

1) carve out time to train, little by little
2) research, learn and study – little by little
3) test, iterate & brainstorm – try one improvement at a time.

This is the key to being the person you want to be. To doing the things you want to do and to getting the body you want to have.


The things going on in your head tend to effect what you do.

Controlling your thoughts, training your brain tends to get a bad rep sometimes. Too cheesy. But if you let your brain run wild, it’s bound to negatively effect your quest for radical physical reinvention.

Make training your brain to think correctly a priority, then you will be much more likely to do the things you need to do.

You need strategies to fend off procrastination, to snap out of negative thinking and excuse making and you need strategies to force yourself into a change of state when required.

You have many opinions you’ve made up. About training. About yourself. You need to re-think these as they are harming you.


If you learn what you’re doing, it takes less time than you think. Proper strength training is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be excruciating.

Once you’ve made the changes, it’s easier to keep eating well, to keep training smart – it’s the change that’s hard.

Train your brain, use your willpower wisely, eliminate the barriers between you and doing the things you need to do.


Part II of this article will help you get practical. In case I bored you with my words, the basic premise of this article was this:

1) decide to make a fresh start
2) get excited – you are actually going to get a better body
3) don’t do what you did before – that didn’t work
4) make it practical – bullet proof practical, and commit for the long term
5) train your brain first & challenge your limiting opinions that you’ve made up
6) your body IS going to change
7) start with small but focused workouts
8) research, plan, test and find a way to love it

This is the key to getting the body you want. Cheers.


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