Your body will simply adapt to the stimulus you give it. Your job is to set up a system to allow you to consistently provide the right stimulus in a way that fits your life. This system is designed to help you do this effectively.

This system is designed to take you away from the traditional view of training. It is an eclectic system that is designed to help you install tiny habits, then progress and expand until you have the knowledge, the mental skills, the training habits and the practice required to get the body you want. If you’ve struggled in the past for change, for consistency, for the level you want to attain – this should help you find your way.

Forget the conventional, forget what you’ve done before that hasn’t worked – it’s time to experiment, time to open your mind, time to re-create your body.



THE HABFIT SYSTEM EXPLAINED – Its a way of training, thinking about training and getting a better body. This should get you suitably excited, be-you an avid exercise lover or a newbie looking for confidence and method.

FREE EXERCISE BREAKDOWNS You need exercises in order to train. Read and watch multiple times and make sure you really know what you’re doing and WHY. That’s important my friends. Otherwise you won’t get the required stimuli.

FREE PROGRAMMES – There are around 30 workouts here – very varied in style. All use the exercises above. Pick the one that fits you, then get started. Once you’ve done it – expand and progress.

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TOOLBOX – Mind games. Psychology. Sports psychology. You may do better if you have some new techniques. If you’re one who yourself out of training successfully: one who struggles to be consistent, perhaps a new technique or two for the head is in order?

THE IDEA JUKEBOX – Pick an idea for a new habit or strategy, or share yours!

MONTHLY REVIEW TEMPLATES – Iterate, evaluate, re-plan. re-think, assess and refine: That’s what I suggest with these templates of mine.

HABFIT SITE GRAPHICS – If you have a HabFit site, this ever growing archive of graphics will help you keep it novel and fresh all the time. Visualisation is important. Check them out, there’s loads of good ideas to remind yourself of here too..

QUOTES AND THINGS TO WRITE ON YOUR HOMEPAGE – Your HabFit site needs to like a familiar friend and a wise old mentor who keeps telling you useful things. Here are a bunch of quotes and ideas for using the text on the homepage. Find an idea you like, or share yours if you think it will help others.

FULL HABFIT SYSTEM EXERCISE BREAKDOWN ARCHIVE – I try to give a workable taster away for free – but here is the full system under lock and key. The full system with progressions, regressions and loads of variety. If you’re serious about change – YOU NEED THIS!

HABIT PROGRESSION MENUS – Doubt the power of minimal workouts and progressive mini-habits? Try making your way through some of these – from easy to advanced – your muscles will have to adapt!

FULL SYSTEM PROGRAMME TEMPLATES – Our programmes above wile get you started. But these are fully loaded and linked up to progressions, regressions, options and set ad rep advice. If you’re stuck after a month of one of the free programmes, upgrade and learn to design the perfect workout for you with these customisable templates.


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I guess it would be polite to thank you for signing up to the members page. Thanks a lot.

A few things to remember to get the most out of this system:

IF IN DOUBT, DO LESS BUT DO IT WELL  Do not underestimate the power of compound strength moves done well. If you just focus on doing 2 exercises well, you can change your body. If you choose to do more, don’t let it be at the expense of technique, focus or enthusiasm for any part of your programme – a few things done well consistently is far superior to a lot of things done only sporadically.

YOU CANNOT PREDICT. We all do it. Tell ourselves “If I can do 15 Chin Ups now, add one a week for 5 weeks and I’ll get 20”. It doesn’t work like that. We hit the ceiling at different points, injury and life get in the way – progress is never linear (unless you’re a beginner) – don’t get caught up on predictions, simply focus on the process and strive to get better.

PROGRESS IS HAPPINESS. If you train well, stay consistent and spend a little time learning and thinking about the craft of fitness – you will get better month after month after month. If you take it to the next level, results may come faster – but you’re in this for the long term. If you get better most months your body is going to show it.

YOU CAN TRY THE FULL MEMBERSHIP FOR A MONTH BEFORE I CHARGE YOU. Why not ay? As soon as you sign up, you’ll pop your details into Stripe, we will build you your own HabFit Scrapbook and you’ll get instant access to the full members area. If you think it’s shit – quit and you won’t be charged a bit.

FAT LOSS IS ABOUT FOOD, TRAINING IS ABOUT GETTING BETTER Don’t lose faith with your training because you’re not losing fat. If you’re not losing fat, look at your nutrition, look at your health, your sleep, your hormones. Don’t simply add loads of volume, run endlessly and feel you need hour after hour of cardio. That probably won’t work and it will probably ruin your motivation to train. The joy is in getting better. Training your body to do things it couldn’t do before. Train for joy. Eat for fat loss.

STOP, WHILE YOU WANT TO DO MORE. The fundamental change when many people start training with me – training time is finite. You might want another rep, you might want to do a bunch more sets, but you can’t. If you stop while you want to do more you’ll be hungry to return and fight another day.

CHOOSE THE TASKS WITH LEAST OBSTACLES – Build momentum, then expand.

I NEED YOU – It’s easy for me to think this is great, to think its clear, but I could be wrong. There could be things that aren’t clear, that don’t work as easily as I think – so get involved and help! If you have any suggestions or questions, then please let me know!

Train your mind; learn fitness; practice training mindfully and watch your body get better month after month & year after year. That’s what we’re here for.



Details to come soon.