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If you’ve just found the site, If you’re new here, this – being the first blog post – is a good place to start. I suspect you’re curious but a little sceptical as to whether this is going to be a good site for you. I’m guessing you’re already well impressed by the fact I combined two words to create a new word – HabFit. You probably like the idea of being fit strong and lean and enjoying the process. Great. But you don’t yet believe that you can do it & that my slightly childish writing style is going to lead you there.

Well, read on a little and see if we are going to be Internet buddies:

HabFit is about being lean strong and healthy – the habits of being lean strong & healthy – ALL THE TIME, and the project of managing these habits. Or rather, this collection of habits.

It’s about enjoying it, and it’s about using it to build your physical strength, your mental skills, boosting your health and learning to see ‘fitness’ in a different light.

It’s important to view fitness in a different light. If what you were doing before hasn’t worked for you, you need a new strategy (you’ll hear me type that a lot).

At HabFit, my goal is to help more people who wouldn’t exercise consistently to exercise consistently, and to encourage more people who wouldn’t exercise correctly to exercise correctly.

In doing this, I hope to fight bizarre concept of needing to do an hours training in order for it to be worthwhile. I hope to fight the bizarre concept that the sole reason for going to the gym is to burn off calories and I really hope to fight the bizarre concept that you need to go to a specific destination in order to move your body.

There are many ways to skin a cat. The goal at HabFit is to break down the barriers, remove the inconveniences and do everything we can to make intelligent training a constant part of your life.

I hope you find this blog educates you, frees you from false beliefs, inspires you and makes you think. I hope it really helps you to find ways to enjoy the process of taking ownership of your body, ridding yourself of unwanted body fat and feeling great about what you are doing.

I learn from a wide variety of people, there are many many great coaches out there, and in this day and age it should be easier than ever to learn to effectively maintain a fit, strong and supple body. I’m not trying to be original (although I am at times), I’m not trying to show off how smart I am (although I’m sure you’ll be impressed), with HabFit I’m trying to make you take action, smart action. This will get you results.

The first step, is to make you believe you can do it. Then, make you start on the journey. Then all you have to do is continually find ways to enjoy it.

If you like it here, find yourself visiting again, there are a few common ideas I will share and discuss frequently. It might be a little repetitive, but then that’s what fitness is all about!

YOU CAN GET RESULTS – people often think that they can’t get the body they want due to repeated failures in the past. But the simple fact is, our bodies all work kind of the same way. While some are gifted with better genetics than others, if you find a way to be consistent, your body will change. The trouble is, you’ve probably taken the wrong route in the past, probably had poor information and probably done the wrong stuff. As a result, you haven’t been successful. But there is always another way and a different angle to try. Even if you think you’re a lost cause, I would suggest that with a little education, a little experimentation and a lot of practice – your body will change. If you give your body a consistent stimulus…IT WILL ADAPT.

CHOOSE PRACTICAL OVER OPTIMAL – It doesn’t matter what the best exercise in the world is, it doesn’t matter how athletes train, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been taught you ought to do. If it doesn’t get done, if you can’t do it: it’s irrelevant. We are all lazy at times, very few of us are athletes in perfect shape ready for an ‘optimal programme’, the smallest inconveniences mess us all up. It’s an often talked about but still underestimated thing.

Structure your environment. Remove the barriers. If you want to be successful, make sure YOUR plans are practical for YOU. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, just plan what you can do. Don’t aspire to take on crazy extreme programmes – even if The Rock does it. What is practical for you is far more important because without consistency, your not gonna get anywhere.

START SMALL AND SCALE – kind of continuing from above. If you haven’t proven consistency, you will struggle to believe, to plan and to follow through on your goals. Prove to yourself that you can stick to a mini workout – as small as a few push ups and a few hangs from a chin up bar daily. Do that, and it’s far easier to scale improve than it is from going from nothing to something big.

I AM NOT SO SMART (OR STRONG)….and I’m definitely not so flexible. I just practice a lot, and steal a lot, and now I’m intending to share a lot. This blog is not about me, even if I come up from time to time. It’s just about giving you ideas and options, I hope it comes across that way and not like I’m boasting just because I can do this…

Elbow lever picture coming soon

ENJOY THE JOURNEY – It’s human nature to get greedy, to want more. But, if you don’t enjoy your training, the chances of you sticking to it, of continually developing and improving your body, your chances of becoming More-Athletic year after year are small.

If you’re like most, as soon as you start training, you will get greedy, you will make unrealistic plans for progress and will constantly want more.

My advice is to strive for improvement, but never forget where you came from. Never forget that results are never linear and that you can’t predict the future.

Strive for improvement, but you need to enjoy it, to make training a passion, that’s how we get the best results. So when your planning your gym, your workout and your nutrition, place enjoyment as one of your primary concerns.

ALWAYS STRATEGISE AND STORE IDEAS. When I hit a road block in my training, I tend to enjoy a good sit down. I pull out my IPad and come up with some ideas. How can I get round the problem? The more ideas and strategies you come up with, the more likely you are to find a solution. When I have come up with a new programme or strategy that is more convenient, that I’m excited to do and that will see me improve both my strength and skill and I’m sure I know EXACTLY how to do, then i find my motivation comes flooding back and I’m ready to go.

Next time you get stuck in a rut, I suggest you give it a try. Store ideas and exercises that didn’t make it this time for future consideration. Find things you want to master, but don’t have time for right now and put them on your waiting list.

DON’T ‘JUST DO IT’… learn to do it – Mindless training isn’t effective. Poor technique will harm you and limit your progress. Sure it would be nice if it was easy, but it isn’t. If you want to be successful at fitness, it’s worth your time to learn how to train smart, learn the options, the techniques, the muscles, the feelings you should get, the effects you should expect.

For the best results, you need consistency, but you need to do the right stuff. I would recommend you put as much effort into understanding how to train well as you do into the training itself. This way, your results will be significantly better for the time you invest. That’s just how it is.

I’m sure there are more key themes I have left out, but no harm will come from my incompetence & I’m sure that’s enough to put you off. Remember, if you haven’t already, you can join the HabFit members area for free right now. That’s all for today, hope it wasn’t a total waste of your time. Thanks for stopping by.


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