About This

This is the home of both More-Athletic Magazine and The HabFit Training Scrapbook.

Both were started by me, Tom Whelan – you can read a tiny bit about me here – although, I’m sure you could find many better things to do with your time.

These days it’s mainly a one man show, I like it like that – being a miserable loner & all. It started as an online magazine – with lots of other people to deal with, you can read about that below. I have kept the ‘no fluff, no fads’ attitude I started the online magazine with, but now I have decided to continue the More-Athletic ethos as a personal endeavour. Hopefully, someone, somewhere will like it. Either way, it gives me something to do, and I find that writing helps me help my clients more, thus it’s a pleasurable and worthwhile activity for me. I like doing other things too, but that is a discussion for another day I think.

The habfit scrapbook

If you need motivation, better habits, new tactics and if you need inspiration – you might like this. Ordering me to give you a HabFit scrapbook is a smart move if you need somewhere flexible to store workout notes to track habits and a system to get you moving.


Members area

This is clearly a ‘bribe’ so I can collect emails, build a list and then sell you loads of stuff. It’s what all the experts suggest doing these days.  As far as bribes go though, it is a pretty good one. I spent months developing this system and you can get started for free. Sign up and you get access to the Basic Habfit System and a sneak peak at the full system.

The basic system comes with what I think are 30 of the best and most accessible exercises for you to start training with straight away, as well as 30 different workouts of varying lengths and difficulty, conveniently all use entirely these exercises (otherwise it would be a touch shit I think).

The full system is still under development but will be packed with practical notes, videos, training templates and graphics to accompany your HabFit site. Sign up now to get a sneak peak and my monthly email newsletter: “More-Athletic Spam Weerkly” I’m thinking of calling it. In case you somehow missed it, you can sign up to the newsletter and get access to the members area right here:

For no apparent reason, I have copied in the welcome to the members area sign below…


…doesn’t it just make you want to sign up???

The habfit blog

This blog is about habits, training, mind-set and also tips for using your HabFit site if you use one. If you like it when I write words and put them on the internet, you’re gonna like this – that’s basically all it is. You should still find it useful even if you don’t get a HabFit Scrapbook.


Originally,  More-Athletic Magzine was conceived as gigantic magazine with many articles, videos, different contributors and much much more. I was young, handsome and full of doughnuts when it all began.

It ain’t easy, being magaziny! Much progress was made, despite a budget only in the 10s of pounds, a medium amount of fun was had and we made some nice stuff. The original plan – to produce real fitness content, not marketing BS or cheesy fad driven nonsense remains, but alas, the original goal was a little extreme. After a few good years of hard work, it all ground to a halt. It was a fun journey, but too much money was spent on bacon and hos, the budget ran out and we ran out of steam.

You can read all the original articles from More-Athletic Magazine here, and you can find plenty of noisy videos on our YouTube channel, you’ll also see I still produce pieces of Random Wisdom, Tips and the BusIness APPAREL SUPERSTORE is still live and well. If you like wasting your money, then we’ve got the place for you. I just make them for a laugh, but you never know – it might help you look better. To date, we have sold more than 16 units world wide. Pretty impressive I think you’ll agree.


Much good work was done on this mag in it’s original form, and I like to honour those who helped me by giving them a shout out here. Check em out below and perhaps wonder off and check all their latest progress out if you like the sound of them:


David Fleming is one of London’s top personal trainers. He is obsessed with helping people get stronger and helping people to get More-Athletic. He has studied and learned from the best strength coaches in the world. He is happily married and can lift heavy weights. His mother is very proud of him and he writes a good article. It took him until the age of 30 to pass his driving test, but other than that he is a solid chap.


With a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and 8 years of personal training behind him Nat makes a useful addition to the team. With many years of muscle building action under his belt, Nat has been ordered to become a kettlebell master and is bringing us a well rounded look at training.


Peter Chown is a natural bodybuilding champ and always worth listening to. 2006 INBA Natural Mr Universe and 2005 INBF World Heavyweight Champ – and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is huge, muscular, ripped and strong and does not inject steroids into his ass, his arm or his eyeballs. He just works damn hard and eats right. He will not get all fancy and technical; he is just here to tell us what to do and how to do it. He knows what works. We like this.


Paul is no average personal trainer. Find an article, an idea, a course or any other fitness concept and Paul has done it, read it and can tell you all about it. From a degree in Sport Science to studying from the worlds best coaches, Paul is on a constant mission to find out everything he can about how to get stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier. He is also a food detective! If you can’t digest, or can’t get lean, he wants your blood!.. He will send it to the lab and sort you out. However, he is rumoured to be both a bad loser and a bad guitar player. You can hunt him down on his Facebook page.


Pat and this magazine were made for each other. Pat writes a blog –NoFrillsFitness trains his ass off and loves what we call ‘proper fitness’. He is a highly experienced fitness lecturer, running solar-fitness in Cyprus. What a place to go to qualify as a personal trainer! Pat will use this mag to let off a little steam – to talk fitness without the need to hold back or be polite. If you don’t like it….don’t use the squat rack for Bicep Curls! His site www.Solar-Fitness.com


James is a young guy but he is strong as hell! – He started out as a Powerlifter and has competed for Great Britain on numerous occasions. He holds British and Commonwealth records and was 2007 British Junior Powerlifting Champion. Recently he has decided it is not enough to be able to simply shift huge weights, he wants to hurt people as well. He is now dedicated to learning the sport of mixed martial arts and intends to make his competitive debut in the near future. He is a highly knowledgeable personal trainer, and is also studying osteopathy. See his personal site at James Whites Personal Training.


Scott really doesn’t mess around. He brings an all business approach to his training. Work hard, shut up and get it done. He has a background in Psychology and brings a great focus to all that he does. Check out his articles if you need to get focused or to work harder, shut up and get it done. His site – Project-fitness.co.uk


Martin is a gifted athlete and has a huge brain. Not only did he graduate from Loughborough University with a 1st class degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences, he can run very fast for a long time. He currently spends his time studying for a PHD in Simulation Modelling (we don’t know what it is either) as well as continuing to train hard. He is an expert in endurance training and has experience of training with elite skinny dudes. He will though, completely ignore you if you go to support him in the London Marathon so I wouldn’t bother if I were you.