If you need fitness, we can provide. It’s a bit bossy in places so we are told, but we don’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. We just suggest you change your mind and then get on with it.

Although not entirely sensible all the time, please note that this is a proper fitness magazine – no fluff, no fads, no lies, NO MERCY!!! In other words, if you need a gimmick, if you want results without doing work or if you want to be told that Pilates will magically shape long thin toned muscles regardless of your physical structure, current body fat percentage and nutrition habits – you may not like it here. I’m sorry.

Here’s what we got:

HabFit - I got fed up some time back with restrictive number based exercise logs. Firstly, fitness (movement) is about quality as much as quantity, second, I want to be inspired. Visually. That’s why I made HabFit, a flexible journal, scrapbook, moodboard thingy. Check it out! (Please).

Tips - stuff I write when I can’t be bothered to write full articles for you to read when you can’t be bothered to read full articles. They may teach you useful stuff.

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One thing I often suggest to folks embarking on a physical training regimen is to lose the labels.

Look at each activity, stretch, exercise or thing you do or might do without the stigma or stereotype attached to them.

While the best routine for you may be 5 Yoga Asanas, a couple of specific rehab drills, a few vicious kettlebell swings, some hanging work and few gymnastics skills, you may be put off this ‘perfect training for you’ by the thought that Yoga is for skinny tofu eating ladies, that kettlebell swings are for ‘kettlebell guys’, that gymnastics is for kids and hanging work is for monkeys. You’d be wrong of course.

So, you could ignore me, but I think I have a point. I urge you to take your body and your challenges and pull the right stimulus from wherever you find them regardless of stigma or marketing. Cheers.

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A blog about exercise, habits and exercise habits.

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