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The HabFit system is a way of training and thinking about training. We focus on installing tiny habits, obsessing over the quality of our execution on basic but impactful moves, then we expand and progress. Cut through the immense nonsense of the fitness world, train to feel good, to get better at fun skills and use them to get the body you want.

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30 FREE WORKOUTS: I train a lot of people. They get better. If you want to get better – these workouts will help you. I know this because I see them done frequently. There are lots of mini workouts here, as well as a few full ones. I give mini workouts because I know that real people get better when they put all there efforts in on SHORT TRAINING SESSIONS. For many of these workouts you need no kit, for many you only need a Chin Up Bar and for others you need a full gym and a full hour. You Pick the ones that fit your life.

30 EXERCISE BREAKDOWNS – a wise man once told me that you can’t do any training if you don’t know any exercises. So I learned loads. Here are 30 of the best, easiest to learn and most practical that can form the foundation of a long-term training plan. Most of them, you can do anywhere! Included: how to do them, how most people mess them up (and they really do) and how you can avoid these ghastly errors, why you would do them and how you can progress and regress them to suit your needs.

THE IDEA JUKEBOX: Sometimes we just need a new idea, a new concept, a thought, an experiment, a new challenge, a new outfit, a new snack, a new technique to inspire us to keep training, to get better, to keep us moving forward. Although, more of an article than a Jukebox, the Idea Jukebox is a long list of loads of concepts for you to try. Currently over ‘0’ available. It’s ever growing and member supported. Get involved!

THE PSYCHOLOGY TOOLBOX: There’s a lot going on inside your bonnet. It can work for you or it can work against you. The more you know, the more likely you are to succeed. Browse the psychology toolbox and grab a concept that can help you get more from your training.

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In order to be able to do a really good straight arm handstand, you need to be upside down and you need to be a fine athlete:

We need good range of motion in the thoracic spine and shoulders – something many people, even athletes lack. We need good motor control of our pelvis and with our Scapula thingys, we need strong mobile flexible wrists, we need skill, focus, practice, decent abdominal strength, and if we want to go to the next level, we need excellent range of motion in the hips.

If you can’t even imagine being able to perform a nice tidy neat straight handstand now, imagine the benefits and rewards of a couple of years systematically building the strength, flexibility and fine motor control. Your body will get a lot better in key areas of athleticism. If you think all that’s easy (you the man) the benefits of taking it to the next level are huge: straddles, single arm handstands, handstand push ups and combining handstands with other gymnastic moves mean you have to be quite the flexible, muscly machine.

For a lot of folks who embark on a training regimen, seeking to master a straight handstand gives us the opportunity to work on all these things with an end goal in mind. Rather than just increasing flexibility, motor control for the sake of it, we have a fun practice and an impressive end goal to work to. That’s why I love handstands.

I Love Handstands


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