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Muscles adapt to the stimulus they face. It doesn’t matter what colour the weight, what the exercise is called, where you are in the world or what you choose to believe. What matters is the stimulus, the work done, the mechanical force.

There may be need for heavy weights for serious guys training legs, but you have to be in pretty awesome shape for a bout of Pistol Squats, Skater Squats and Lunges not to be seriously challenging.
Don’t believe me? Knock out 3 sets of 15 perfectly exeecuted Dead Start Skater Squats right now then moan it was easy. If you can, you’re better than most. If you can’t – you don’t need a gym. It might be nice, but it shouldn’t

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RANDOM WISDOM -  We routinely pump out random wisdom:

GET MENTAL: Develop psychological skills so you can kick your own ass, build habits and excite yourself when the occasion requires.

JOINT CENTRATION = LESS WEAR AND TEAR: Good technique keeps your joints in a good position. It means more work, less risk of injury.

LEARN SOME ANATOMY: it will help you develop yours.

YOUR BODY IS YOUR GYM: When starting fitness, learn a number of bodyweight exercises immediately so that you can train anywhere. Consistency matters.